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    Driving in different cities

    Drivers can indicate one or more preferences on their profile about where they want to drive. Keep your preferences up-to-date since it affects the necessary documents you must maintain to drive in that area.
    It’s possible to drive in other areas where your documents meet local requirements. Please review State & City Driver Info for city-specific requirements.
    When you’re ready to make a switch to a different region (or add it as an additional preference), tap ‘Contact Support' below to send us the following:
    • Your name, phone number, and email address
    • The city you currently drive in
    • The city you'd like to switch to
    • Your new residential address
    Once we update your city, your account will start showing you promos and documents relevant to your new city.
    Note: If you sign up for a new driver promotion and switch your region or province while it's in progress, it will void the offer.
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