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    How to see your earnings

    You can check your earnings from the Dashboard or in-app Earnings tab.
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    Driver Dashboard

    Tap the ‘Driving History’ tab in the Dashboard to see your daily, weekly, or yearly earnings. You can also see earning breakdowns for individual rides in this tab.
    You can tap 'Download weekly summary' from the Dashboard to save or send your weekly statements. Statements are available to download the Thursday after the previous pay cycle.

    Earnings tab

    To see your earnings from the Lyft Driver app, tap your earnings at the top of your app's home screen.
    From the the Earnings tab, you can see your daily and weekly ride earnings for the current week. These totals don’t include cancel fees, tolls, tips, or bonuses.
    If you'd like to hide your earnings on the home screen, open the Lyft Driver app main menu then:
    1. Tap 'Account.'
    2. Tap 'Settings.'
    3. Toggle off the 'Hide earnings' option.

    Earnings and income verification

    Lyft can’t verify income because drivers are classified as independent contractors (gig workers) and not employees.
    Since drivers aren’t employees of the company, Lyft can’t provide:
    • Pay stubs
    • Income verification
    • Employment verification

    Proof of yearly earnings

    If you need proof of what you earned in a previous year, you can use your Annual Summary.
    1. Use the link below to open the ‘Tax Information’ tab in your Dashboard.
    2. Tap ‘Documents,’ then tap ‘Download.’

    Proof of recent earnings

    If you need earnings info from previous weeks or months, you can use your weekly summaries.
    Weekly summaries are available on the Thursday after the previous pay cycle.
    To download PDFs of your weekly summaries:
    1. Use the link below to open your Dashboard.
    2. In the Dashboard menu, tap ‘Driving history.’
    3. Select the week you’re looking for.
    4. Tap ‘Download weekly summary.’
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