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    Lyft Shared rides for riders

    When you take a Lyft Shared ride, your driver may pick up and drop off other riders that are headed in the same direction. You’ll always pay less for a Shared ride than you would for a standard Lyft ride.
    Shared rides are now available in certain cities. If Shared rides are available in your area, you’ll see the ride mode as an option when you request a ride.
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    Keeping our community safe

    We’ve made some changes to how Shared rides work with the safety of our community in mind.
    All riders and drivers should follow their local public health guidance.

    Changes to pickups

    You can only have one rider per Shared ride pickup (previously, they were limited to two per pickup). Drivers and riders aren’t required to wear a mask during rides, but you can keep wearing one if it makes you more comfortable.
    Riders and drivers aren’t required to wear a mask during rides, but can keep wearing one if it makes you feel more comfortable.
    We’ll never put more than a total of three passengers in a car at one time.
    Your driver can cancel the ride if you have any other people with you. You can cancel the ride if a driver is with an additional person.

    Requesting Shared rides in advance

    You can request a Shared ride in advance for a bigger discount.
    You may see Shared rides with ‘No surprise pickups’ in your app when you request in advance. This means we’ll show you all the other pickups along your route before you get in the car.
    If you don’t see ‘No surprise pickups’ in your app, you may be matched with other passengers during your ride.
    If you’d rather not share your ride with other riders, you can schedule a ride in advance using a different ride mode.

    Taking Shared rides


    If you have other riders with you or need to make multiple stops, you should request a standard Lyft ride or a Lyft XL ride instead.
    In order to keep Shared rides running on time, your driver will only wait at your pickup location for one minute.


    Shared rides can take you from one point to another. You can’t make any stops or change your drop-off location once you request a Shared ride.
    The order in which you’re dropped off is determined by your drop-off location (not by the order in which you or other co-riders are picked up).
    Your driver may pick up and drop off other riders going in a similar direction while you’re in the car. Our system will give your driver directions based on the most efficient route for the whole trip.
    Shared rides may take longer than standard Lyft rides when there are other pickups and drop-offs along your route. If you’re in a rush to get to your destination, we recommend requesting a different ride type.

    How to share a ride with other riders

    Please be considerate of your driver and any co-riders you’re sharing a ride with.
    To help make the ride safe and comfortable for everyone:
    • Keep calls quiet and use headphones
    • Leave your pets at home (this doesn’t apply to service animals)
    • Don’t take up too much space with luggage
    • Avoid eating or drinking to prevent accidental messes
    If you have pets or luggage with you, we recommend taking a standard Lyft ride.
    You can let us know about any issues or safety concerns after the ride when you rate your driver and co-riders.

    Shared ride pricing

    A Shared ride is always cheaper than a standard Lyft ride.
    Your discount amount depends on your city, driver availability, and the likelihood of being matched with other riders. You can get a bigger discount when you request a Shared ride in advance.
    Your app will show you the price you’ll pay before you request the ride.
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