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    LyftUp donations & more

    With LyftUp, riders can round their ride fare up to the nearest whole dollar and donate the difference to a worthy cause. Scroll down to read more about LyftUp donations and additional features.
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    About LyftUp donations

    LyftUp offers an optional feature for riders to round up a ride fare and donate the difference.
    For example, if you have a $12.75 fare, Lyft will round up the total to $13. The difference of $0.25 will be donated to the Lyft partner organization of your choice. Donations aren’t included in upfront prices. You’ll see your donation on your ride receipt after paying for a ride.
    For rides in the US - Whether your donations are tax-deductible depends on the cause. If the organization qualifies for tax deductions, then so will your donation.
    For riders in Canada - Donations made through LyftUp aren’t tax-deductible.
    We aren’t accepting requests for new donation partnerships at this time.

    How to use LyftUp donations

    To enable LyftUp:
    1. Tap ‘Donate’ from the Lyft app menu
    2. Select a cause for donations
    3. Tap ‘Start donating’
    From the ‘Donate’ tab, you can see the available causes to donate to.
    A few rides don't qualify for donations. These include:
    • Rides taken on your business profile
    • Rides paid in full with Lyft gift cards or promo codes
    • Rides with even fares
      • For example, a ride fare amount of $10.00 won't round up
    You can switch off LyftUp anytime by tapping ‘Donate’, then sliding the donate button to the left to ‘Stop donating’.

    Job Access rides

    Lyft understands the role that transportation plays towards an individual's career and economic goals.
    The Job Access program provides unemployed individuals with free rides to and from job interviews and training. You can also get free rides to your new job within the first three weeks of employment!
    Click here to Give Help/Get Help through Job Access, see if these rides are available in your area, and learn more about other ride resources.
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